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STOREYS is a company that provides writing, editing and translation services on a per-project basis to businesses and other organisations.

We create content that is unconventional, intelligent and aesthetic, yet clear and to-the-point. Our writing comes from a deep-seated connection to the times in which we live now. This makes our language tuned-in, edgy and original. Though STOREYS writes for the commercial market, its creations remain fresh and full of life because we are inspired by everything that carries a seed for a story to unfold.

We think storytelling works. Storytelling means using techniques such as plot, character, and place in order to tell something that people will remember. Our human experience is made up of thousands of little stories, often with multiple layers of meaning—like the storeys of a building. We enjoy telling these ‘storeyed’ stories, because they are the ones worth remembering.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

― Leo Burnett


This is what we're good at

STOREYS is best at writing and storytelling, simply because we are creative and love words and language. Due to that fact, we are also good at editing and proofreading. Doesn’t matter whether your copy is English or Dutch, because we are fluent in both. Therefore we decided to throw in a translation service as well.

Below you can find the services we offer. Should you require another language-related service that is not shown below, don’t think twice but simply send us an email about your enquiry.


Unlocking the story

For thousands of years, human beings experience life through stories we tell ourselves and others. Stories are the way we remember. We are drawn to them because it is our way to identify––what does this story say about me and where I stand? Let us unlock your story and let it shine.

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Write like you mean it

We take your input and create a suitable copy, whether this is for a website, a flyer, or a newsletter. It is really that simple. In a back-and-forth process, we come to the right length and tone-of-voice that suits the purpose of your copy. Tell us what you want to say and we help you get the message across.

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Reduce, re-use, recycle

If you already have existing copy, but would like it changed because the language is stale, soulless, or old-fashioned, we can edit it to suit your purpose. Sometimes, texts need to be shortened due to the final lay-out. No problem, we're here to cut-and-paste and re-write as much as you deem necessary.

Recycle my copy


Say trans-crea-what?

STOREYS provides accurate and aesthetic Dutch to English and English to Dutch translations. We believe translation is a creative process and requires re-writing of the text to make it work in the new language. This is called 'trans-creation', which means to not only make sense linguistically, but also culturally.

Transcreate my copy


A finishing touch

Perhaps you already have your (translated) copy in final lay-out and ready to go. However, you would like a native speaker to have a last look at it before it goes live or to the printer. Of course, we won't make any more big changes but we will advise you and give it that finishing touch.

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Easy does it

Color or colour? Centre or center? Comma or no comma? Your copy may require correction of spelling, punctuation, referencing, or consistency. We make sure your text is flawless and contains no more errors or inconsistencies. We adhere to the style guide of the Modern Language Association (MLA).

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  • Storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Content writing
70 per hour
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  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Correcting
From € 35 per hour
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  • Translation
  • Ned>Eng | Eng>Ned
  • Minimum rate of €25
0,10 per word
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This is stuff we've done

  • All
  • Editing
  • Translation
  • Copywriting
  • Storytelling

Under The Lighthouse

Copywriting / Storytelling

6 Surf Magazine


Studio Jahoi

Copywriting / Storytelling

Premiere Higher

Editing / Translation

Claus Company




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This is what we have to say

On this blog we post our thoughts on projects we’re working on. Our sister-website, whippersnippertales, features some of the short stories we wrote. Just so you can get an idea of our style, manner, and interests. Click below to read our most recent blog posts.


This is why

Hi, I’m Josephine. Thanks for visiting my website. I would like to tell you the story of where my writing comes from and why I started STOREYS.

As a student, I became very interested in the stories and mythologies of animals and the environment. I wrote poetry of women and bears and the metamorphosis between humans and animals and plants. This because I was, and still am, interested in how we can give voice to the non-human ‘other’. I noticed that when talking about ‘nature’ or ‘ecology’ critics often meant the land, the green stuff, the human habitat. But they never spoke about the sea. This got me thinking about how we can write for the oceanic environment, and how literature of the ocean can be re-written so that we can come to understand this environment, instead of sublimating and alienating it.

When I started working, I noticed that most companies used language that, to me, seemed lifeless, stale, and overly commercialised. Often, a lack of space and the pressure of deadlines made the language lose its vibrancy. It seemed that images, lay-out, and design were more important than the text, which to me was saying that the package is more important than what it contains. The world in which we live today? I don’t believe so…

That is why I started this company. Not because I consider design less important than text, but because I want language that is being sent out into the world to be alive and powerful and real. I want it to get the message across. I want it to reflect what we know but also what we do not know. Because in the transformation between the known and the unknown, that’s where the magic happens.

Team Member
Josephine Leertouwer

Owner | Storyteller | Writer

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Vissershavenstraat 15, The Netherlands
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